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Welcome to the homepage of acoustic folk singer songwriter David Swann.

You will find all you want to know about this entertaining performer in the Introduction section. Find out where David is playing by clicking on Gigs and read his latest News.


"David Swann is a singer songwriter who delights audiences with his entertaining and original repertoire. He performs a variety of songs including ballads of times past, hilarious comic numbers and touching love songs. Above all David is an entertainer who leaves audiences wanting more."

Ally Holloway

"David is a great entertainer and raconteur, his work is mostly inspired by the places and characters of Yorkshire, and he has wonderful stories to tell about the inspiration behind each of his songs. Be they happy, sad, beautiful, haunting, thought - provoking, or amusing, David and his songs win audiences over with their instant charm, as he effortlessly draws you into his world, you'll find yourself singing along."
David Illingworth

"David's songs always make me feel at ease with the world!"

"The James Taylor of Ryedale."

Holly Taymar

""Within minutes of taking the floor, David had the audience so captivated that we considered sending for Derren Brown to unlock them from his magical spell." Harvey Brown Beverley Folk Club

Feel free to contact David on  or on 07805 774538 and send me an e mail if you want to be added to my Mailing List

The photo of David on this page was taken by David Green. Find more of his excellent work on  

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